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TMDC construction is a construction company that specializes in all fields of construction.
The company, is a partnership between Danya Cebus LTD and a Thai based real estate company.
The company is operating in Bangkok, Thailand.
TMDC has set itself a goal to be one of the leading, reliable, top quality construction companies in the market. The company will utilize the “know how” and experience achieved by Danya Cebus through many years of national and international work.
The company is set to perform as a general contractor, all types of construction services and civil engineering for the private and public sector.
The company was founded in 2014 as part of Danya Cebus’s strategy to expand its activities to the growing construction market in Thailand in general and specifically in South East Asia due to the real estate and construction boost in residential, public, commercial and infrastructure works in the area.
TMDC will perform projects in different standards than commonly expected in the area. This can be seen by the highest international standards practiced by TMDC including utilizing the top professional managing team, using the highest technology available, advanced materials and so forth from the tender stage until the end of construction.
TMDC’s base of construction operations will be in Thailand and will be used as a future step into the construction market in the neighboring South East Asian countries

Residential Buildings
Design & Build
International Activities
Commercial and Industrial