Danya Systems & Holdings

The division deals with executing and establishing projects in the fields of electricity, cogeneration, fire discovery and extinguishment, high voltage, low voltage, plumbing, sprinklers, air conditioning and ventilation.

Alum Danya

A company engaged in the development, design, manufacture and installation of aluminum products for medium and large scale construction.
סיבוס רימון - מקבוצת דניה סיבוס בע

Cebus Rimon

The company advice in the field of industrialized construction, through the manufacture of various types of and execution on-site construction.
אפריקה ישראל מגורים

Africa Israel Residences

Africa Israel Residences is an entrepreneurial company that is engaged in the development and sale of residential units throughout Israel.
גאו דניה

Geo Danya

Company that specializes in geotechnical works.
פורמה - מקבוצת דניה סיבוס בע


Forma Company of Danya Cebus Group is a unique company specializing in finishing and preservation work in a very high quality.
דניה רומניה לוגו

Danya Cebus Romania

The company operates in romania executes diverse residential and Commercial Projects.

Danya USA

The company operates in New York and executes diverse residential projects for rental or sale in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the surrounding area.

Yuvalim Manpower

The company provides professional skilled workers.

Danya Manpower Ltd

The company employs Israeli citizens and legal foreign.

Danya Poland

Danya Cebus Poland is a polish subsidiary fully owned by Danya Cebus Israel.

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