International Activities

Danya USA:


Construction works are carried out by Danya USA, which was founded in New York in 2013.
Danya USA specializes in residential projects in New York City.

TMDC construction:


TMDC construction is a construction company that specializes in all fields of construction.
The company, is a partnership between Danya Cebus LTD and a Thai based real estate company.
The company is operating in Bangkok, Thailand.
TMDC has set itself a goal to be one of the leading, reliable, top quality construction companies in the market. The company will utilize the “know how” and experience achieved by Danya Cebus through many years of national and international work.
The company is set to perform as a general contractor, all types of construction services and civil engineering for the private and public sector.
The company was founded in 2014 as part of Danya Cebus’s strategy to expand its activities to the growing construction market in Thailand in general and specifically in South East Asia due to the real estate and construction boost in residential, public, commercial and infrastructure works in the area.
TMDC will perform projects in different standards than commonly expected in the area. This can be seen by the highest international standards practiced by TMDC including utilizing the top professional managing team, using the highest technology available, advanced materials and so forth from the tender stage until the end of construction.
TMDC ’s base of construction operations will be in Thailand and will be used as a future step into the construction market in the neighboring South East Asian countries

Danya Romania:


Danya Cebus Rom is a construction company which operates in Romania since 2007. The company is part of the growth strategy of Danya Cebus that operates in several countries around the world. Danya Cebus Rom has established itself in Romania as a leading company that delivers premium quality. Danya Cebus’s work is characterized by advanced management methods using extensive knowledge, accumulated over the years for the purpose of promoting the company to its current position. Over the years, the company faced a variety of different challenges, and all of them have been resolved in the best possible manner.
Danya Cebus Rom started its activities in Romania by signing a construction contract with "Adama Holdings" for EVOCASA ARMONIA project (construction of two residential buildings with 262 residential units).
Since its entry into the Romanian market, the company delivers comprehensive and sophisticated projects in the field of residential, commercial and office spaces.
As part of its activity in Romania, the company constructed "AFI PALACE" shopping center in Cotroceni neighborhood, Bucharest. This is the second largest shopping center in Eastern Europe that covers over 250,000 square meters. Its construction began in October 2007 and was completed in October 2009.
Construction of the shopping center, which houses about 250 stores, has been conducted over 24 months, during which the company has worked on the project 6 days a week 24 hours a day. This project challenged the abilities of Danya Cebus, which at certain stages of the work managed 2,000 employees, the project was completed successfully and on time.
Among other things, the project used:
Concrete station, which was installed at the site and provided 145,000 cubic meters of concrete for the project.
Glass dome of 4200 sq.m.
4,500 tons of steel
approximately 1000 doors
Skylight area of about 12,000 sq.m.
20 cinemas and unique IMAX facility.

After completion of the project the company constructed another 2 shopping centers in the cities of Arad and Ploiesti, and it is considered to be the leader in this field in Romania. Furthermore, the company has built thousands of residential units and office buildings with a particularly high level of finishing works.
In light of the success of the company in its work on varied and challenging projects, it was awarded a contract for the construction of the NATO AEGIS ASHORE MISSILE BASE located, in Deveselu (South-West Romania). The construction of the base began in October 2013 and is expected to be completed in August 2015.
As of the day of its establishment in Romania, Danya Cebus has received numerous awards in the field of construction, and it operates according to strict quality standards.
The company's offices are located in "AFI Park 1" - a ten-story building, constructed by the company as part of an office complex, which consists currently of 3 office buildings, however, in the future two more office buildings will be built in the project.

Equatorial Guinea

Danya Cebus has signed an agreement detailing the principals of performance of 2 Prisons in Equatorial Guinea which is situated in the heart of the Sahara (West Africa)
The agreement relates to two, “stand alone” correctional facilities where in the Monogomo site, Danya has completed earth and roadworks to the site, concrete works have begun in 4 sections and a vertical circumference concrete wall was cast. In Rihaba earth works and road works are being performed.
Every facility is designed to contain 500 inmates.
The logistic organization in both facilities requires many containers fully loaded (containers including but not limited to mobile offices, concrete factories, mobile cranes, steel, work tools and so forth) to leave Israel and other countries and shipped to Equatorial Guinea.
The infrastructures on site are  challenging, upon completion the will be powered by generators (independent energy source for each facility). Wells in depths of 100m were dug in order to supply drinking water and the sewage system will be based on cesspits or an external purifying facility.
Danya has erected a concrete plant (production capacity of 60 cubic meters per hour) on site, purchased heavy machinery such as mixers, cranes, concrete pumps, drillers and so forth. The project is set to be completed within 24 months

Danya Cebus Russia:


Danya Cebus Rus, the head office of which is located in Moscow, was founded in 2004.
The company is managed by professionals in the construction industry from Israel and Russia, who have presented the organizational philosophy of the company: to provide services to Russian and international investors while complying to western standards of quality and safety, using a variety of materials, technologies and staff from around the world in projects in the Russian Federation.

Within a short period the company has completed the construction of such prestigious and competitive projects, as a multi-purpose business center and "Aquamarine" hotel at Ozerkovskaya waterfront, "Afimall" shopping center in Moscow and Triumph Mall in Saratov. 
Canapaya- Thailand MONGOMO- Equatorial Guinea Adora Park- Romania Cotroceni Mall – Romania Galleria Mall – Romania Afi Ploiesti – Romania AFI Park – Romania Evocasa Viva – Romania Evocasa Selecta – Romania Evocasa Optima – Romania Evocasa Armonia – Romania Avionului – Romania Saratov – Russia Paveletskaya – Russia Ozerkovskaya – Russia Moscow City – Russia Aquamarine Hotel & Residential – Russia