Building Tomorrow’s Infrastructure Danya Cebus is actively involved in the continuous development of infrastructures necessary for the rapid-growing Israeli economy:
highways, interchanges, bridges, tunnels, railways, and many more.
We are proud to be involved in all these projects. These include some of the most complex projects ever undertaken in the State of Israel, such as the Trans-Israel Highway (Highway №6), Route 40 (Be'er Sheva bypass), Gilon Tunnels between Acco and Carmiel and segments of the new railway to Jerusalem and Modi'in. All these projects reflect the excellence technological, logistical and managerial abilities of Danya Cebus corporation.

Yoseftal Interchange כביש 6 קטע 7 Dov Hoz Interchange Road 4 – Binyamina Highway 431 Trans Israel Highway (Highway 6) Road 722 – HaTishbi Junction Motza Bridge Gilon Tunnel Railway to Modi’in – Section 8.